Walailak University Reaches No. 1 in Southern Thailand’s Green Universities, No. 16 in Thailand, and No. 219 across the world for World Green University 2020.


Professor Doctor Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, the president of Walailak University, revealed that in the year 2020, Walailak University was ranked by UI GreenMetric World University Ranking. The results show that WU is ranked No 1 in the south, No 16 in the country, and No 219 in the world.

The aforementioned positioning is the result of the university’s execution of the government directive for universities organized under the government to transition to green organizations. The university has done so on the six themes constituting the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking: 1. Infrastructure and Landscape Architecture 2. Energy Management 3. Water Management 4. Waste Management 5. Internal Transportation Management and 6. Providing education, research, and academic services related to the environment.

In terms of infrastructure management and landscape architecture, the university has been working to improve the internal landscape, such as the allocation of an area for Walailak Park, size 255 rai.  130 of that rai are present as pond and 125 as garden available as a recreational area for university personnel and the general public.

The university’s energy management has made advancements and alterations in terms of air conditioning, lamps, and the development of elective vitality. This latter is generated from solar farms sitting on more than 50 rai, which each year can reduce reliance on traditional power sources by more than 10%. Furthermore, the new Solar Rooftop project is now in the bidding process, open to construction contractors.

Environmentally conscious water management is also a focus within the university area. Wells, water supply, and wastewater treatment ponds make it possible to reuse as much water as is possible. Also, an incinerator has been installed to destroy different types of waste, including infectious waste that comes from provincial sources outside the university. The incinerator has the added benefit of generating electricity as well.

The university manages an internal transport system that has an electric train system under the name WU Electric Train project. This is used as a transportation system within the university, serving students and staff and helping reduce accidents, air pollution, and global warming. At the same time, in terms of providing education, research, and academic services on the environment, the university teaches courses related to environmental conservation and reducing global warming.

Since he took over the position of president, Professor Dr. Sombat has had the vision to continuously strive and improve Walailak University in various dimensions including university development, personnel skills, student knowledge, and modern educational programs. This vision now has clearly achieved results and noticeable effects. The president shared that he “would like to thank all personnel for working to develop the university together.“