Walailak University revamps GenEd courses by adding Chinese language for the academic year 2021 to create more job opportunities for WU students


Prof Dr Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, the president of WU, said that according to the IMF’s forecast, China's will be the number 1 economy in the world by 2028, and the country will develop advances in science and technology, especially in space science, artificial intelligence and 5G development.  With such prominence, Walailak University foresees that it should provide more options for students interested in Chinese. Students can choose to learn both English and Chinese, instead of only English, to increase the opportunity to qualify for an internship or cooperative education or obtain a job in a Chinese company.

The president added that previously, WU students studied English in general education (GenEd) courses totaling 16 credits, but in the academic year 2021, new students can choose whether to study English for 16 credits or study English for 4 credits and Chinese for 12 credits.  After 12 credits in Chinese, students will have learned 800 to 1000 Chinese characters, equivalent to Chinese proficiency (HSK) level 4, and can use Chinese for everyday communication. New students may choose to study Chinese beginning in the 3rd semester/2121.


Rewritten from Thai by Uraiwan Angkanawisut

Source: https://www.wu.ac.th/th/news/19778