The Division of Corporate Communication organizes “Walailak TACS’65: Dek-Rian’65 Get ready”, with over 3,000 high school students nationwide participating via Facebook Live: Walailak Channel

ส่วนสื่อสารองค์กร ม.วลัยลักษณ์ จัดกิจกรรม Walailak TCAS 65

                The Division of Corporate Communication and Council of the University of Thailand organized the activity “Walailak TCAS’65: Dek-Rian’65 Get Ready” to publicize and share information related to TCAS, higher education institutions. Prospective students for academic year 2022 are currently students in 12th-grade or equivalent. The 12th-grade students from schools nationwide were informed of the preparation and admission process to “Walailak University over 3,000 interested students and general public from 60 provinces joined the Facebook Live: Walailak Channel, technically supported by the Facebook Live page: Television Station of Thailand Nakhon Si Province (NBT) and the Broadcasting Station of Thailand, Nakhon Si Province on August 27, 2021.

                This opportunity was honored by Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthayawong, President of Walailak University, who gave a welcome speech and a special lecture on the topic “The University of Quality: Studying Happily and Successfully at Walailak University,” Dr. Peerapong Tariyacharoen, TCAS System Manager from the Council of Presidents of Thailand presented a special lecture on “Learning TCAS System for Academic Year 2022”. Dr. Niranat Kaewprasert Rakhangthong, Director of Educational Service Center also gave a special lecture on “Learning about the admission system of Walailak University”.