Division of Corporate Communication

Division of Corporate Communication Section operates data communication service at Walailak University. To promote and support the university’s policy, mission, and activity. Achieving objectives and goals Promote and build reputation Including a good image for the university Promote good understanding between the university and the community and the relationship and good understanding between the executives and the internal community, as well as coordinate with government and private agencies. And carry out activities that benefit the community, society and the nation

The Division of Corporate Communication Division operates under the mission of being a medium of disseminating information/news about the movement and work of the university. Through various communication channels For Walailak University to be well-known, understood, have a good attitude and image Trust from society outside the university. Build good relationships with people and various departments. Which will bring support to the affairs of the university Present news/information to the internal community To create understanding, love, faith, pride, and commitment to the university As well as surveying various opinions To be the basic information for developing the university And carry out communication to resolve misunderstandings that may cause damage to the university