Live PHOTO in Walailak: Minimalist Photographing like a Professional under the theme “Colorful Building, Colorful People”

Live PHOTO in Walailak

Assistant Professor Doctor Fareeda Jeh-oh, Acting President Assistant, Walailak University welcomed and thanked teachers, staff and students totaling over 30 for participation in the Live PHOTO in Walailak #2. The event was aimed to encourage participants to collaborate on the creation of content promoting the university’s image in the campaign “the University of Happiness” through photographing of campus’s beauties.

This activity is to communicate an image of Walailak University as an organization promoting participatory actions for learning, sharing, exchanging and learning about “(No) Secret for Minimalist photography: Taking Simple but Sharp Photos with Your Mobile Phones and Professional Photographing Techniques”. Mr. Khundee Lamsub, Administration officer, Center for Educational Services, a young energetic new- generation photographer, hosted the session on 16 March, 2022, from 09:00-15:00 via Zoom meeting incorporating a field practice to photograph the campus under the theme “colorful buildings, colorful people”

Concluding the event was the session in which photos taken by each of the participants was examined by the lecturer in order for the quality ones to be disseminated and put on a display in the university’s website.