The Division of Corporate Communication operates the mission as an intermediary to publicize information, news, movement, and works of the university in order to push the university to be known, recognized, and trusted by the society and to have a notable and outstanding image. Including building good relationship with individuals and agencies to foster understanding, faith pride, and commitment to the university, as well as polling various opinion to be the basis for development of the university.


“Enhance the image and the reputation of Walailak University to the international level.”

Corporate communication policy

Corporate communication policy

Focus on proactive communication by using social media and modern media.

Including Conventional Media to enhance Walailak University’s image to be recognized in the national and international level.

Strategies for communication

Use communication as a process and tools :

  • Use integrated digital media via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Line and Instagram) , Walailak website or other websites that the group target can access, including Conventional Media (mass media) , print media or specialized media ,etc.
  • Communicate and build relationships with the internal community in order to act as a mediator who communicates with the external community.
  • Build good relations with the mass media both central and regional. Including the participation of the mass media in the activities that the university operates.
  • Coordinate with the private sector and the government, both central and regional. Especially in the South, the mass media and local communities in carrying out various activities.