Division of Corporate Communication Welcomes Two World-renowned Scientists

On 30 November 2022, Walailak University’s Division of Corporate Communication welcomed two world-renowned scientists: Professor Emeritus Roland von Bothmer and Professor Dr. John C. Warner, two keynote speakers at the STT48 held at Walailak University.

Prof. Bothmer and Prof. Warner had shared the importance of Genetic Diversity and Green Chemistry in the upcoming Walailak University Global Program hosted by Associate Professor Dr. Surin Maisrikrod, WU’s Vice President.

After finishing the recording at Walailak Chanel Studio, the scientists were led on a tour of Walailak University Botanic Park to enjoy the greenery of Walailak University and Khao Luang mountain range, as well as see various species of cactus at Bota Cactus Dome and Nepenthes at Nepenthes Greenhouse.