DCC Members Participate in Children Day’s Event

Members of the Division of Corporate Communication: Asst. Prof. Dr. Fareeda Jeh-oh, assistant to the president supervising the Division of Corporate Communication, Ms. Supanee Phetcharanan, and Ms. Jariya Sookchuen participated in Children Day’s event held at Architecture and Design Building, Walailak University, on Saturday (14 January 2023).

On this occasion, Asst. Prof. Dr. Fareedah delivered an opening speech, and Ms. Jariya, the President of Rotary Thasala-Nakhonsri, gave awards and gifts to children who participated in activities.

The Children’s Day at Walailak University was held under the theme “Dutiful, Disciplined, Do Good Deeds, and Environmentally Conscious” featuring several activities such as shows, contests, exhibitions, experience sharing, and outside-classroom activities from governmental organizations with more than 10,000 participants.