Division of Corporate Communication Participates in WU Innovation Day 2023

Personnel from the Division of Corporate Communication, Ms. Supanee Phetcharanant and Mr. Bunpoht Baimiden, participated in WU Innovation Day 2023, presenting a new booking system for Walailak University visits – visit.wu.ac.th.

WU Innovation Day 2023, organized by the Division of Human Resources and Organization and the Innovation Evaluation Committee on 7 September 2023, aimed to encourage support units to invent and present innovative projects or more efficient work processes that align with the university’s policy of reducing work steps and costs, and saving time.

The booking system for Walailak University visits, developed by the Division of Corporate Communication, significantly reduces the occurrence of mistakes during the information input process, streamlines processing steps, and decreases processing time.

“People interested in visiting our university can choose a package that suits their preferences, including the specific areas of the university they’d like to explore, all at their convenience. The system then notifies me via email when a booking is made, allowing me to take prompt action,” said Ms. Supanee, Head of Reception and Image Communication.

“This system has proven to be incredibly useful, especially when we have a limited number of personnel. It not only aligns with the university’s Smart University initiative but also enhances our university’s image.”