Walailak University receives the “Best Strategies” award at the “THAILAND DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AWARDS 2021.”

On 26th October 2021, Dr. Suwit Wuthisuthimethavee, Associate Professor, Vice-Rector for Administration Affairs,” as a representative of Walailak University, received the “Best Strategies” award at the “THAILAND DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AWARDS 2021” for the Walailak University Digital Office Management System (DOMS).  Presiding over the opening and award ceremony held in the Swiss Hotel Ratchada, Bangkok, was Mr Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society.


Dr. Suwit uthisuthimethavee stated that Walailak University has the policy to adopt digital technology in many dimensions. By requiring all departments in the university to use technology in their work and report results every month, digital technology will help make work operations faster and economical. This allows the university to compete with the work of other institutions.

“The award that we received today is a part of our Digital Transformation. The University uses a mechanism of policymaking to decide how to boost the efficiency of work. The results are clear; the system is fast, economical, and efficient. The system is called “Walailak University Digital Office Management System” (WUDOMS), which helps send messages between administrators and staff. At the same time, the process of transferring documents is faster as well. Overall, the technology supports real-time processing and reduces the use of papers in the office each year”, said Dr. Suwit Wuthisuthimethavee.

Organizing this event, the Federation of Thai Industries, in collaboration with Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, along with Business+ magazine (a subsidiary of ARIP Pub Co., Ltd.), launched the event called “THAILAND DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION WEEK 2021”.  Under the concept “Transforming to the Digital Company Now”, the event was organized in the form of a virtual event to drive both government and business sectors through Digital Disruption and enable them to transform their organizations through digital technology.  The event was held between 11th and 28th October 2021.

Translated by Papada Sritheerawichai, School of Liberal Arts, English