Division of Corporate Communication Congratulates Members Receiving Certificate of Professional Qualification and Certificate of Competency from PR Thailand and TPQI

DCC Members Receiving Certificates

Division of Corporate Commination (DCC) congratulates Ms. Supanee Phetcharanant and Mr. Koson Chauyupakarn for passing the assessments from Thailand Public Relations Association (PR Thailand) and Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI), receiving Certificate of Professional Qualification and Certificate of Competency.

The celebration ceremony took place at Honor Hall on 13 December 2023, presided over by Walailak University President Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, who presented them with congratulatory flowers.

The certificates signify their competence in accordance with occupational standard for Public Relations and Mass Communication Business in the role of corporate relations officer.

Mr. Koson Chauyupakarn, who works in Media and Information Production at DCC, said he’s proud of the achievement and the fact he passed the assessment. He said, “Being certified in the field of Public Relations and Mass Communication Business, particularly as a level 5 corporate relations officer, marks a great start in enhancing the portfolio and personal development. It helps us set a standard for the production of professional media within our organization.”

Ms. Supanee Phetcharanant, Head of Reception and Image Communication at DCC, said that this achievement adds reliability to the professional profile and she’s grateful for the experience she’s gained while working at Walailak University. “With over 30 years of work experience at Walailak University in the role of a public relations and organizational image communication officer, I consider myself fortunate to have contributed to the esteemed organization. This professional accreditation in Public Relations and Mass Communication standards has enhanced the professional profile. I extend my gratitude to TPQI, PR Thailand, and Walailak University for this pathway to success,” she said.