DCC Members Participate in Preparation for Writing Operational Manuals

Division of Corporate Communication (DCC) organized a lecture on the preparation for writing operational manuals on 20 December 2023 at Center for International Affairs Meeting Room, featuring Dr. Pennapa Waiyawek from Center for Cultural and Sports Promotion as the key lecturer.

Developing an operational manual is a requirement at Walailak University, particularly for personnel seeking to advance in their careers. Officers aiming to climb the career ladder and be recognized as “expert” in their fields must create a manual and pass the assessment by the committee.

Members from News and Digital Communication, Reception and Image Communication, and Information and Media Production departments participated in the event, understanding the importance of the manual and showing their interest in improving the quality of their work in line with the university’s vision.

They learned to select the right topic and became more aware of the resources provided by the university to support manual writing.